wordpress kit

Let's Learn WordPress kit

Thank you for your interest! Welcome here. 

Based on what others have requested and learned about wordPress with me in the past, in general we will cover:

  1. Basics of WordPress infra (domain, hosting, SSL)
  2. Basics of managing WordPress (settings in the left side of the Dashboard)
  3. Go deep into essentials about writing online (not just for WordPress)
Let's learn WordPress kit #1
Intro to learn WordPress kit #2

Most of the times, some clients have training after their websites are completed by me, so for that, we will also learn:

  1. Handover details – what to make sure after the website is finished
  2. Extras e.g if they wanna learn how to sell online on their own website: Basics on WooCommerce, how to sell online
  3. Automation (automate data/ process from 1 place to another easily)

Would love if this will come true – empower academia to be more accessible 🙂 we can arrange how the charge would go.

Just message me.